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Our Paris Collection


Life is a Journey...

not a destination....but a series of many beautiful destinations along the way!

Life is a journey, a beautiful one. Time is finite, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. We want to live like there's no check-out date, but the truth is, time is limited, and valuable.  

My goal in life is to find truth, to explore, find a place I can call home. One that I choose, and not just one I was placed in. I was placed on this earth, in a small corner, 52 degrees north, along the meridian line. As beautiful as it is, I have always appreciated that the earth is vast, and I have always wondered about places I have never seen. 

I have chosen the medium of still and moving pictures, to firstly explore some of the most beautiful places on earth, but also to depict the way that I see the world.  

Like an ant, or a grain of sand, or a tree in a forest, it is often difficult to see the wood for the trees in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The feeling you get when you look up at the night sky, at the stars, the vastness of existence, and the humble nature of our being is exemplified. I get the same feeling when I distance myself away from the hustle and bustle, I gain perspective, peace, clarity.  

I want to explore my vision, but also to help others, save time, or to help direct their search towards truth, and some of the most beautiful places on earth also. 

I will start near, then travel far in my quest, as far as my means will take me.....


was my first stop!

Identifiable by sculptures like the Eiffel tower and the Louvre, I found so much more behind the cover than the headline!  

A city covered with beautiful architecture on every corner, buildings that I had never heard of, and was not looking for. After searching online for the famous tourist attractions, I found the real and true beauty of this sprawling, romantic city really surrounded me. I would have a destination attraction set on maps on my phone, and I would just be inundated with magnificent, towering buildings on the way. Like a maze, I would follow my eyes, and just be led like the pied piper, hypnotized by its beauty, following a trail of wonder and creative bliss.  

To the eye, the city is afloat with amazing architecture, hundreds of years old; that eclipses buildings by today's standards. It is filled with history, and like a fossil tells a story of culture, an imprint of time.  

It feels like the epicentre of democracy, revolution, freedom, equality, and egalitarianism. Despite the climate, located as a northern European city, it feels warm, romantic. The city has vibrance, and allure, that can only be experienced or perceived whilst being immersed in this beautiful nucleus of urban and natural beauty. 

Then there are the people – their pace of life, unlike the lethargic pace of some Mediterranean countries, or the scramble that you see in the likes of many parts of southern England; there is a semblance of direction, without being turbocharged. People enjoying coffee in parks, cafes, enjoying the here and now, overlooking history, immersed in peace and culture. People are respectful, with words of respect engrained into the language – sir, ma’am (monsieur, madame), also respectful of their impact on other people, polite, happy.  

Born into the ways of having manners, politeness, and respect for other people, I often think that I was born in the wrong era, but it became evident that i was just born in the wrong place.  

To know how a place feels, you must immerse oneself in the environment, paying attention to all senses. I take particular note of local people, and how they exist. People are enormously proud to identify themselves as Parisians, with their quirky dress sense, elegance, riding around on cycles in an environment with particularly good cycle lane infrastructure. Their pace of life is not too fast, not too slow, immersed in great culture, amazing food, romantism, good music and a beautiful language. Parisians are identifiable above all others, and I can see why they are so proud to identify themselves as such! 


Everything we hear is an opinion not a fact, and everything we see is a perspective and not the truth

If you would like us to capture the perspective of beauty of your natural surroundings through our lens, then please get in touch via the online "contact us" form.

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